The car has broken down on me/I have had an accident – what do I do?

First off, you should use the contact details given to you by longtermcar.com when you picked the car up. In the event of an incident, we will give you the people to get in touch with. Your car comes with a roadside assistance policy. If broken down or in an accident, when your rental needs to be towed, jump started or any other roadside help, within the allowed area, all if this is covered by your policy. Please do not allow outside providers to tow or service your car, you will be responsible for those charges if you do. Please only use our providers and instruct law enforcement to coordinate with our providers.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact us and to find out more about what to do next.

I have received a parking fine/traffic offense fine – who pays it?

You do. You are 100% responsible for your conduct on the road, and any consequences related to your conduct, when you drive a longtermcar.com rental.

Can I smoke in my longtermcar.com rental?

We have a strict, non-negotiable, no smoking policy in every longtermcar.com vehicle. If we find the car has been smoked in, we will ask that you pay for a specialist cleaning service of at least $200.

Where do I bring my car back to?

We ask that you bring your car rental back to the same location where you rented it from. We can also provide you with delivery and collection of rental vehicles for an additional fee.

Where can I take the car?

The car can be taken anywhere that is agreed upon within your rental agreement. Some rentals come with restrictions, so please enquire about this when you rent. You will have a vehicle with a unlimited miles, but limited to a specific area.

Can someone else pick my car up for me?

No. All drivers who will take part in the driving experience must be present for pick-up of your vehicle. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to cancel your rental. We must verify all drivers prior to you leaving the rental facility.

Can someone else drive for me?

Yes, we are happy for other drivers to take the wheel so long as you have them included on the list. They must be approved by longtermcar.com, too, just as you were. This will also come with an additional fee for accepting a second driver. In California, secondary drivers are free of charge, as required by law.

Can I take add-ons and extras?

Yes, we offer various extras and add-ons for your vehicle at longtermcar.com. Contact us today to discuss what kind of supplementary features we offer for our cars. These will vary depending on the location. This includes GPS systems, child seats, additional driver slots, luggage racks and various other extras.

Can I choose the car I want specifically?

Absolutely.  The vehicles you choose online are the actual cars you will be renting from us.  Please review the description, pictures and all details available online.  If you need more information, simply call us and we can help.

I want to keep the car for longer – is this possible?

Should you decide that you want/need the vehicle for longer, we will be happy to oblige. Simply let us know what your aim is, and we can re-evaluate the deal to take into account the change in circumstance. You can contact the longtermcar.com support team and we can set up a credit card extension.

What if my vehicle is returned late?

If your car comes back to us after the set date without a fair reason, we reserve the right to charge extra. Contact our team and give us as much notice as you can, though, and we can often find an amicable solution. With 24-hour billing, we can work out if you will need an additional day and then arrange the package from there.

How do I pick up my rental car?

Once the payment has been confirmed and your rental accepted, you’ll be asked to come and pick up the vehicle at the required time. We would ask that you show us a driver’s license for all drivers who will take part in the trip, alongside an International Driving Permit. If your driver’s license is not from the United States, we do not ask for an official translation of your license to be provided.

You’ll also be asked to show secondary identification, such as a passport, for confirmation. Your car will arrive with a full tank of fuel included, and it must be returned with a full tank of fuel. If this is not the case, we reserve the right to charge you.

I want to cancel my booking – how do I do so?

Simply contact us today, and we can arrange a cancellation. Pre-paid reservations will come with a small cancellation fee at times. Any amendments or adjustments outside of cancellation will be given the same treatment.

Does my car insurance cover me?

If you do not purchase insurance especially for your hired car, then you will be required to tell your insurance provider about the rental. If you are renting outside of the USA, you might need to speak with your insurance provider to find out their terms and conditions.

Do I need to place a security deposit?

Only if you do not have full coverage insurance and/or do not hold a major credit card, do we required a deposit. We ask that you place a security deposit of a minimum of $500 when you sign-up with longtermcar.com. We will then look for the full rental amount on top of your deposit. Should the vehicle be returned in the agreed condition, we will return your deposit.

How can I make a payment?

We are happy to accept most forms of payment, and we are happy to announce that we accept all forms of major credit card. Simply let us know at longtermcar.com how you intend to pay, and we can help you out. We also accept most forms of debit cards, dependent on identification being shown.  Our pricing is all inclusive.

Within your rental charges, you will have included within your daily rental rate, any statutory taxes associated with the rental and any applicable fees, charges or extras acquired.

What ID do I need to bring?

We ask that you bring a valid driver’s license for all named drivers, and also a secondary form of identification, such as a passport, if you are from outside of the United States.

Is there an age limit on rental with longtermcar.com?

We allow people aged 18 or over to rent vehicles from our service. You must hold an active driver’s license, and we will charge an underage drivers fee for anyone under the age of 21. We also have limits on what cars you can rent under the age of 21.

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