Cheap car rental with unlimited miles from $475 monthly in the San Diego Area.


Cheap Rental Cars in San Diego

Getting by in San Diego without a car isn’t very easy. Our public transportation is very limited and isn’t an option for busy travelers. A car of your own is a must. Services like Uber and Lyft are available in our metropolitan area. However, who wants to spend $200 per day on transportation right?
We offer inexpensive car rentals in San Diego at the very low cost of $475 for 28 days, that’s $17 per day, total cost. This isn’t $475 plus $300 more in hidden fees. This is $475 including all fees and taxes. All you need is your own full coverage insurance and if you don’t have insurance we can set you up with an affordable Damage Waiver option. Contact us today and take $50 off your first month. Let’s get you moving San Diego.

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