Rental Car Boundary Limits

All Vehicles

Our goal is to ensure your safety while driving our rental vehicles. In order to provide you with a properly cared for and well maintained vehicle, we must limit the travel distance for our vehicles. Your vehicle is only allowed to travel within the boundary lines shown in the map to the right.  Exiting these boundaries will results in a $175 travel fee and a warning to return to the allowed area within a day.
Your vehicle does include free roadside assistance but only within the set parameter. If you experience mechanical issues and the vehicle is outside the boundary lines it will be your responsibility to have the vehicle towed to our office.


All Vehicles

Vehicles ARE NO LONGER permitted to travel to Los Angeles county. Please see the map to the left as it displays the boundary lines for Los Angeles county, where vehicles ARE NOT ALLOWED. If at any time the vehicle ENTERS the boundary lines we will be notified and a $175 travel fee will be imposed.


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