Start your own LONGTERMCAR location!

Startup Description

We are a real, traditional, American business. We rent cars long term.

We have been in business since 2004 and do something very unique; we rent new and used cars monthly to locals, students, contract employees, military personnel, travel nurses and everyone else who needs a car for a month or longer. Our business model is built around having a small, easy to manage office, with a low monthly expense overhead and all car maintenance services being outsourced to local vendors. We run a large profit margin operation that can be managed by a single person with ease.

Our simple qualification process allows most clients to qualify for our rental cars. Renting cars monthly versus daily prompts the following benefits: higher quality clientele, reduced customer service, as well as reduced maintenance per car, due to minimal turnover. Our process is well tuned and in the San Diego area, we are able to generate up to $600 of monthly profit per car. Our income streams include: rental income, rent-to-own income and insurance claim repair income. Our website,, is visited by over 3000 unique qualified customers every month.


As a family owned business for over 18 years, LONGTERMCAR has established its name through dedication, experience, great online reputation, and of course thousands of happy clients from around the world. This is a real, traditional business, no digital tricks or false goods. No experience is required; we will show you how we run this business inside and out. We utilize the latest technologies and will show you everything; from how we purchase cars, to us obtaining low cost repairs and how we run effective online marketing campaigns.

You pay a one time license fee. With this business opportunity we will not collect any royalties and will have no control over your operation.

Our end goal is for us to show you how we manage a fleet of rental cars that make money passively while time is spent doing things we love. We will show you how we do it all. Our system allows for scalability, for a fleet of 10 vehicles or 100 vehicles, the system works.

We will deliver a customized copy of QuickBooks software that includes expense and payment solutions. Our online booking calendar automates the reservation and payment process to minimize office work and customer interaction.

Detailed Information

We will give you a complete guide on how to launch our business plan. Including how we manage marketing, how we reach customers, how we handle contracts, and much more. We will provide the “how-to” on all things that LONGTERMCAR does. Along with that, you will have your own web domain and learn the ins and outs of our digital marketing to begin generating leads.
Every major city in the United States of America will benefit from the presence of LONGTERMCAR and only one license is being sold for each metropolitan area within the U.S. The United States car rental industry revenue grew by 22% in 2021 and is expected to grow another 10% in 2022. We are here to help you take advantage of this fast growing industry and offer your local community the benefits that his unique business model presents.
Explanation of Fees and Payments:
Our licensing is limited to only one LONGTERMCAR in each major city. Anyone in the US that is looking to build a solid business in a fast growing market that will make money for years to come is the ideal candidate.
What you need:
• Zero experience
• Plenty of Room to Learn
• Self-motivating Positive Attitude
• Desire to Grow Wealth
• $36,000 – Licensing Fee (per location)
• Capital to Purchase Vehicles (We recommend starting with 4)
Support & Training:
Our two-week training covers how we take advantage of nationwide car auctions to pick the very best vehicle makes and models for our fleet. We will do a personal manual review with you and 6 months of fast-response email support.

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