Terms of Use

All Terms of Use presented below apply to any and all transactions made through longtermcar.com website. Any products or services purchased through the website are applicable to this policy.


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Reservation and Payment

Any reservation placed online will be subject to immediate transaction fees and charges unless otherwise noted. When you reserve a vehicle through the website you will be required to pick up the vehicle on the day selected or may face fees and charges. If you wish to change your reservation or have made one in error, please contact the San Diego Car Rentals to retract your appointment booking. Doing so will prevent any confusion.

Use of Vehicle

When renting, or renting to own a vehicle, through San Diego Car Rentals you are subject to certain limitations in use. If you fail to adhere to these terms of use, further charges may apply including the removal of the vehicle from your possession. Other detailed instructions and Terms of Use will provided upon signing the rental agreement with San Diego Car Rentals.